DIY Smart Box A4 Inkjet Printable Wall Mount Calendar *

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While you wait for your order to be delivered, why not start designing your calendar!?!?

The process of making your calendar is very simple. Firstly download your free calendar software by clicking here (right click & “save as”).

Install when download is finished & start designing!

For instructions on how to use the software, please click here.


Prefold calendar stand at grooved lines . Then lay on flat surface (unfolded).


Choose your favorite photos for your calendar. Download the software.


Put calendar page into the printer according to red arrow as picture


Print your designed pictures in turn using the Mini Color Software.


Adjust the month , turn sheet upward . Then align printed January sheet with the two binding rings and fix the sheet in the calendar .

 width=Finally click in clear top cover sheet . Then connect second end of stand to the row of binding rings. All Done!

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